The poster session aill be from 3:30-5:00 on Wednesday, April 19, in the Pecan Tree Galleriang


Poster # Title — Author(s) and Affiliation
01 Geophysical investigation of St. Catherines Island using electrical resistivity and ground penetrating radar — Diederich, G Ryan; Jacque L. Kelly; R. Kelly Vance; Anne M. Delua, Georgia Southern University
02 Shoreline change and vegetation cover adjacent to back-barrier shoreline stabilization structures in Georgia estuaries — Wakefield, Katherine, Georgia Southern University
03 A model study of near-seabottom flow and its effect on sediment resuspension — Wang, Yu(1);  Kai Ziervogel(2); Christof D. Meile(1), (1)UGA Dept. of Marine Sciences, (2)Ocean Process and Analysis Laboratory, University of New Hampshire
04 Hydrologic processes determining porewater salinity in a Southeastern salt marsh — Miklesh, David; Christof Meile, UGA
05 Estimating submarine groundwater discharge on St. Catherine’s Island, GA via radon-222 — Thorson, Scott D.; Jacque L. Kelly, Georgia Southern University
06 Saltwater intrusion in the Floridan Aquifer System near downtown Brunswick, Georgia, 2016 — Cherry, Gregory S.; Michael D. Hamrick; Michael F. Peck, USGS South Atlantic Water Science Center
07 Assessment of the impact of fecal pollution on coastal areas of Puerto Rico — Truitt, Zamara Ruby Garcia; Brennan K. Poon-Kwong; Dave S. Bachoon, Georgia College and State University
08 Methylmercury production potential assessment in sediments from the Brunswick, GA estuary — Nicolette, Travis William; Francisco J. Cubas, Georgia Southern University
09 Assessing toxicity and contamination levels in Lake Herrick — Hensey, Sarah, UGA Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources
10 Water quality monitoring to restore and enhance Lake Herrick — Kannan, Ashwini; Thalika Saintil; David Radcliffe; Todd Rasmussen , UGA
11 Predicting E. Coli and enterococci concentrations in the South Fork Broad River watershed using Virtual Beach — Spidle, David; Marirosa Molina; Mike Cyterski, US EPA, ORD, NERL
12 H2OTech: An EPA-affiliated water technology innovation cluster in Atlanta serving the Southeast US, focused on water and human health — Deocampo, Dan(1); Gary Keller(2); Clarisse Croteau-Chonka(2); Joel Rosenfield(3), (1)H2OTECH Cluster, Georgia State University, (2)Xomix, (3)WaterGuru Associates
13 Inactivation rates of coliphages isolated from waste water treatment plant effluents in Georgia — Georgacopoulos, Ourania(1); Brad Acrey(2); Marirosa Molina(1), (1)US EPA, (2)ORISE Research Fellow
14 Fecal coliform bacteria sampling program by the USGS in cooperation with the Dekalb County Department of Watershed Management, Georgia — Knaak, Andrew, USGS
15 Water quality assessment of streams in the Trail Creek Watershed  — Saintil, Thalika; David Radcliffe; Todd Rasmussen; Ashwini Kannan , UGA Crop and Soil Sciences Dept.
16 Urbanization-driven hydraulic erosion in the Georgia Piedmont — Maher, Sage; Adam Milewski; William Miller; Rachel Rotz, UGA Dept. of Geology
17 A sediment yield investigation in an urban stream — Pruitt, Carson A.(1); David S. Leigh(1); Todd C. Rasmussen(1); Oscar P. Flite III(2), (1)UGA, (2)Phinizy Center for Water Sciences
18 Microbial source tracking in the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area — McKee, Anna, USGS
19 Increasing water quality and infiltration in the City of Newnan, GA — Dinesh, Mallika; Jon Calabria, American Rivers
20 Temporal relationship between drought­precipitation patterns and the cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms in Lake Allatoona, GA — Knapp, Abigail S.; Adam M. Milewski; Rachel R. Rotz, UGA Dept. of Geology
21 A preliminary study on biological indicators and water quality of oxbow lakes in the Middle and Lower Savannah River Basin — Johnson, Katie M.(1); Kelsey Laymon(1); Damon Mullis(1); Alyssa Thomson(2); Dr. Oscar P. Flite(1); Dr. John Hains(3), (1)Phinizy Center for Water Sciences, (2)Georgia College and State University, (3)Clemson University
22 Immediate and long term threats to water resource availability at Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge — Webster, Claire(1); Adam Milewski(1); Todd Rasmussen(1); John Dowd(1); Rachel Rotz(1);
Holly Hutcheson(1); Sage Maher(1); Janet Ertel(2); John Faustini(2); Grant Graves(2), (1)UGA Dept. of Geology, (2)U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
23 Macroinvertebrate successional response to hydrologic connectivity of oxbow lakes during a flood pulse — Laymon, Kelsey A.; Damon L. Mullis; Oscar P. Flite III; John J. Hains, Phinizy Center for Water Sciences
24 Applications to prolonging data collection efficiency in stream channels — Quinn, Matthew, UGA Geology Dept.
25 Continuous groundwater-level monitoring and water-level trends in the principal aquifers of Georgia  — Painter, Jaime; Michael F. Peck; Debbie W. Gordon, USGS
26 Flood inundation mapping in Georgia — Musser, Jonathan, USGS
27 Uniformity and spatial variability of soil moisture and irrigation distribution on natural turfgrass sports fields — Straw, Chase; Gerald Henry, UGA
28 HYDRUS 2D model interflow comparison, Changes in land use with a low permeable layer. — Ryland, Rachel; Daniel Markewitz; Aaron Thompson , UGA
29 Comparing water and nitrate movement in three different corn production systems using Hydrus-1d — Andrews, Josh; Zack Sanders; David Radcliffe; Nicholas Hill, UGA Dept. of Crop and Soil Sciences
30 Alternative Irrigation Scheduling: Performance of the Smart Irrigation App for Vegetable Production — Miller, Luke; George Vellidis; Timothy Coolong; Erick Smith; Welsey Porter, UGA
31 Partitioning meteoric, subsurface, and anthropogenic sources of water that contribute to streamflow generation in the Proctor Creek Watershed, Atlanta, GA — Troast, Hannah; Luke Pangle, Georgia State University
32 A statewide Best Management Practices training program that promotes urban environmental stewardship in Florida — Rainey, Donald; Laurie Trenholm; CJ Bain; John Bossart; Esen Momol, University of Florida – IFAS Extension
33 Education, outreach, and monitoring at Beautiful Eagle Creek in the campus of Georgia Southern University — Colon-Gaud, Checo; Candace Moon; Aubrie Goodson; Ashley Deal; V. Byron Collins; Jamie Roberts; Alan Harvey, Georgia Southern University
34 State citizen science biomonitoring protocols and their comparability to national invertebrate metrics — Cross, Denzell A.(1); Chelsea R. Smith(1); Stephen W. Golladay(1)(2), (1)Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center, (2)UGA Odum School of Ecology
35 East Georgia State College Green Infrastructure plans — Vick, R. Alfred; Cam Berglund; Jiaxin Di; Li Fu; Ming Guan; Ashwini Kannan; Chen Qu; Devyn Quick; Henry Ricks; Danielle Schwartz; Arianne Wolfe; Landon Woodward; Yuwen Yang; Alex Yuan; Ran Zhang, UGA